Screw piles were invented back in 1833. Initially made from cast iron, they were screwed down to depths of 20 feet by 30 men or more using capstan bars up to 40 feet long. Many of our Victorian pleasure piers are built on screw piles.

The uses of screw piles have been widely developed during the last 50 years, particularly in North America as one of the most practical systems for timber-framed housing and modular construction.



Blackpool Pier


Typical Applications

Screw Piling
Soil nailing
Tieback anchors
Tower/mast foundations
Restricted access sites
Subsidence repair
Foundation strengthening
Industrial/retail foundations
Mezzanine foundations
Extensions to buildings
New build on flood plains
Brownfield site construction
Modular housing using MMC
  Rail Infrastructure
Highway Infrastructure
Pipeline foundations
Environmental walkways
Marine pontoon guides
Flood defences
Staging foundations
Marquees/temporary stadiums
Temporary or permanent car decks
Volumetric buildings
Tower/mast foundations
Marine pontoon guides
Industrial/retail foundations
Modular housing using MMC
Conservatories/glasshouses Environmental walkway/bridges

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