From the ground investigation report and the design criteria, we can provide you with a full design service, including the production of all calculations and engineering drawings.





Design & Installation

Design and Installation

Using hydraulics, small plant machinery will install screw piles to carry loads over 750kN ULS. A torque motor rotates the CHS shaft, and the lead section is then pulled into the ground by the ‘screw’ action of the helical plates, without creating spoil. Extensions are added until the correct depth is achieved for the designed load-bearing capacity.

Each screw pile is designed using individual plate-bearing theory for the helices, with load capacity calculated using standard end-bearing equations. This load-bearing capacity is verified by monitoring the installation torque as the pile is driven into the ground. The measured torque is directly proportional to the load-bearing capacity of the pile, based on empirical torque correlations observed over the last 50 years.


Through our partners, we are able to supply the UK’s leading torque motors for screw pile installation, which are available for hire if preferred. We can also arrange comprehensive installation training.

  Hand-held torque motor  
Rig mounted torque motor
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