· Load bearing capacity of each pile up to 200kN SWL


· Greatly reduced installation time and immediately loadable


· Lowered embodied energy foundation system


· GPS computer controlled installation: no setting out required


· Pre-assembled energy-piles: no waste or remediation on site


· Intelligent and intuitive  controls for continual monitoring


· Resistant to variations in climatic and ground conditions


· UTES provides effective thermal mass to low thermal mass construction methods e.g. Timber frame panels


· When combined with energy-efficient modular build systems cost savings can provide  low to zero carbon houses for the costs of more standard levels of energy efficiency  and cheaper  BREEAM excellent commercial buildings




· Thermal investigation of proposed sites, including thermal response tests and ground collector modelling.


· Determine heating load requirements for build systems and the optimum layout for the mechanical and electrical components.


· Thermo Screw Pile™ installation, other elements of the ground-works, and we can provide integrated floor systems  ready for building envelope.


· Through our partners, supply and install renewable heat technologies and heat emitters in accordance with the M & E. design.

Renewable heating from the foundations of your world

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