The Sun can deliver far more thermal energy to a

building than is needed to heat it, but much of this

is at the wrong time.  Can this excess be captured

economically?  Yes!


This is done by collecting excess heat from solar

thermal collectors, or by the use of MVHR to passively cool

buildings when it is too hot. But how do we store this heat?


This is where Underground Thermal Energy Storage comes in:


Thermo Screw Piles double-up as the foundation for the building. The heat is controlled and delivered through a multi-source GSHP to under floor heating or fan convectors, providing unparalleled performance.  Due to the efficiencies in the system, the pumping  load is significantly reduced such that it could run-off solar PV, offering a true zero carbon solution.


This is the only pre-assembled energy-pile, which can be easily removed, re-used and recycled. The Thermo Screw Pile™ is subject to pending UK and International patent applications and is assembled in the UK under license by geoLOGIC Foundations Ltd.

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By constructing a Ground Heat Exchanger (GHE) with Thermo Screw Piles we can harvest heat when plentiful and save it under the building for later.

Renewable heating from the building foundation system ...